SD Review Awarded (Japan)

This is a dwelling situated at the point where sea and land sky come to together.
Its basic functions are housed in the shining silver foundation.
Atop it at one end is a rectangular, fluid shape seemingly cut out of the sea with a knife, and at the other is a form made by turning a hardened piece of the atmosphere out of a mold.

The one, a liquid body with clearly defined borders is a pool/bed for the floating, sinking body;
the other, a room of air that gradually evaporates, is a bed/pool where the consciousness flows and disperses. Or, perhaps it is the other way around.

Both are apace / territories employed here for the single function of sort, unconstrained ascension / descension.
The two forms, their weightless attributes counteracting each other, maintain a delicate balance upon the silver scales.

Transparency/opacity, time/space, contraction/expansion ?
these contrasts can be measured/interchanged only after being transformed by rays of light.
Here it is light that acts as the mediator .

After a moment of stillness in the balance, the scales again tip.
States of equilibrium and instability alternate with rapidity.
The subtle vibration of these two ends provides the energy of this architecture.