Methodology for Post-demolition Reconstruction

Recrystalized City

This work is a variant of "Ore-X." It is a complex building consisting of multi-unit housing and commercial establishments, planned near Shinjuku, Tokyo.
The original solid (building) set up as a package is broken to pieces and then the scattered fragments gathered again to erect a new form of building.
Just as the constituent parts of a supersaturated solution condensed into a crystal, the scattered broken pieces are put together, creating resurrected whole. But it is different from the original. It is a growing crystal.
The fragments gather in several clusters depending on their reflectivity and transmittance of light, and the clusters make up the whole. The fragments each respond to light differently. But otherwise they are not distinguishable because of their neutral forms and textures. A fragment joins another along the side that is mutually agreeable, and in this way, fragments gather to form small solid forms in such a manner that their surfaces reflect and refract incidental light over and over.
In that process some rules exist that govern the gathering of the fragments. Those rules do not apply to the entirety; they are loose and partial. These codes result ultimately in the creation of an integral whole. They are the methodology for reconstructing a dismantled world.