Within such an environment, this architecture was planned as a location for holding small concerts, festivals and meetings for the villagers, and also as an information center for people visiting the village. The first item considered was how to enable people to experience the clear river, where sweetfish can be caught, and the deep green mountains in the most beautiful way.

The concept used was not to leave nature as is but to draw out the beauty of the nature further by adding small artificial objects to the nature.

A deck which overlooks the river was designed to materialize this concept. A wide view of almost 300 degrees can be enjoyed from the edge of the deck.

Next, a large roof was made to provide shelter from small amounts of rain and snow. The roof is designed so as not to close the space off but to flow with the line of sight of individuals. In this area, snow falls quite often and occasionally snow with a depth of up to three meters accumulates in winter. Thus the architectural conditions for structural design were strict and the structural design of the roof and cantilevered deck presented some challenges.

The rooms were designed following the deck and roof.