国際設計競技(伊)入選案 (日本語頁:未)

international competition in Milan : awarded

Learning from the environment : Structure of this city

The basic pattern of the monument is transcribed from the road pattern around the site. In this meaning, this monument is born from the substantial structure of this city.

Not only at night, but also in the daytime : Dual mode

The monument exists all day, so it should be beautiful under the sunlight.
The usual light monuments often lose their beauty at the daytime.
This monument uses reflection of light, so it can work in the daytime, as well as at night.

Not disturbing the environment : Respect to the history

The monument is made of thin pieces, so it doesn't disturb the historical architecture: station of the background.
It respects the environment.

At the same time, it can express itself as if it is a lightning.
Then, it achieves both of the transparency and the powerful existence.

Motion, vibration : Response to the environment.

Some small pieces are allowed to move by the wind.
The motion is limited within a certain range. When the angle of the piece changes just a little, the direction of the reflection light changes greatly.

So, according to the vibration of the pieces caused by the wind, the light shows different performance.
This monument is stable, but its effect is in the motion.
Then, it shows the movement that is an important character for the city.

Materials and structure : Different surfaces,
different reflection

There are some different size and shape in the reflector pieces. The small piece is made of a stainless steel panel. The larger one is made of sandwich panel with honeycomb core. Honeycomb core is thin but it keeps enough strength, and it is light weight.

There are two different textures in the surface of the panel. One is mirror, and the other is scattered texture. There is some transparent type made of glass. These reflector pieces are supported by four columns with tension wire.

The tension structure provides enough strength against the wind. It is possible to avoid the glare to the car drivers, by designing with computer program.