Seeing the wind blowing in another world

You choose one city from the list in the monitor The rods waves in the wind blowing in another world at that time

You cannot see the wind.
You can feel its breath on your skin, but you cannot see it.
It is only the swaying of the trees that betrays it presence.
Tree branches are a device for visualizing the wind.
"FIBER WAVE" is an artificial branch.

Trees are supple and pliant.
They yield softly, letting the wind pass through.
They do not fight the wind.
They do not fight, but are never defeated.
When the wind dies down they regain their original shape.
This is not so with things people make. They are always fighting.
Buildings bridges and towers.
They stand up against the wind, hard, strong, and manly.
And sometimes they collapse.
"FIBER WAVE" is different.
It does not fight. It is much like the trees.
It is an artificial plant that changes its shape to relate to the wind.
The wind determines its shape. It is a designless design.

And "FIBER WAVE-Ⅱ" is like light as well.
A trembling, rustling light.

It is not the wind of this place that causes the light to tremble.
It is a wind that can only be blowing in another world.
Across the ocean, in a far desert, or a sweltering city.
On green planets, red stars, frozen methane seas.
Somewhere on the Net.
That wind is visible. Right now, right here.
Technology, living things, the Net. All fusing together.
The touch of liquids melting the city.

Operation of FW-Ⅱ

"FIBER WAVE-Ⅱ"is the indoor developmental version of FW series.
Through the Net, it responds to the wind of a virtual world.
When people choose the city from the list,the wind that blows to the city now blows to the place.
Conversions of date, wind, and matter, from digital to analog and back.

operation process :
You choose one city (or other 'wind') from the list in the monitor.
The program searches from the net for the date of strength / direction of the wind that blows to the city at the moment.
Based on the obtained data, the fans in the space produce wind in the same strength / direction.
The rods waves in the wind, and you feel / see the wind blowing in another world now.
wind list :
New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Alaska, Buffalo
Sun, Jupiter
USD, EUR, etc.